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Spaghetti with Clams

The recipe you would never think you are able to do. (But you are)


Chiara Tribulato •

July 23, 2020

Author Notes | 

I’ve always seen my mom and aunts cooking this dish and I’ve always thought that it was too difficult for me. The reason may be that this is a molluscs based dish.

A few months ago, while I was in Italy at my parents' home, my father brought some fresh, wild caught clams from our sea, the Mediterranean Sea. So, I took the opportunity to learn the recipe from my Mom and my aunt Caterina. I also took the pictures of all the steps and I decide to share to share them with you. Surprisingly, it is one of the easiest pasta recipes I’ve ever made, it took only 15 mins and few ingredients.

Ingredients Notes | 

Use Artisanal Spaghetti, with a Rough Texture. The rougher surface texture will catch the clams sauce better.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the main ingredients so I suggest to use a High-Quality one. 

When you buy Clams, check if the clams are Wild Caught and not Farm Raised. So, you want to verify that they are sold alive. Eating not fresh molluscs can be dangerous for your health. If a clam is alive, the shell is well closed or only slightly open but just touching, the clam will tighten instantly. This is the main sign that the mollusc is still vital.

Serves: 4

Prep Time: 5 min

Cooking Time: 15 min

1 Pound Artisanal Spaghetti

1 Clove Garlic

   Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 Pounds Clams

1 Glass White Wine

1 Bunch Parsley


1. Wash the clams. Then warm clams in a pan, over medium heat until they open and release seawater. Stir sometimes. When clams are all open, shell them. Leave some with the shell to decorate (Clams that have not opened should be discarded). With a strainer, filter the seawater released by the clams and save it.
2. Now the pan is empty. Cut the garlic and cook it in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until Slightly Brown. Add the clams with a skimmer. After a few minutes season with black pepper and white wine.
3. Boil water in a large pot, add salt (less than usual, the sauce is already salty because of the seawater released by the clams), and cook pasta.
4. While pasta is cooking, add to the clams the filtered seawater.
5. Save a cup of pasta cooking water and drain pasta AL DENTE before it is ready (about 5 minutes before directions) and finish cooking pasta in the clams sauce. MANTECA (mix the pasta with clams until it is “al dente”) add pasta water if necessary. Clams sauce should be creamy.
6. Serve and decorate each plate with the clams shells and parsley.

Enjoy in Togetherness!


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