Ancient Wheat Grains & Superfoods Pasta

Our curated box contains 4 bags (8 oz each) of Pasta made with 2 different Sicilian ancient durum wheat semolina varieties (Russello and Timilia). All the flours that we use are stone ground, cold-milled, and contain wheat germs. In addition, we will send traditional recipes to your email address to bring your pasta skills to the next level.


2 Natural Raw Ingredients: 

1. 100% Organic SICILIAN Ancient Wheat

2. Spring Mineral Water from Nebrodi Mountains.


Ancient Wheat Grains & Superfoods Pasta

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Ancient Wheat Grains & Superfoods Pasta from Sicily
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  • Our pasta is made with Russello or Timilia Sicilian Ancient Wheat. These Grains are NOT GMO, they do NOT need PESTICIDES, CHEMICALS, and GLYPHOSATE to grow and ripe. The reason is simple. They belong to the biodiversity of Sicily therefore they can coexist and defend themself naturally.

  • Modern wheat varietis have been genetically modified by radiation during the fifties. The result are wheat with a stronger chemical composition of their GLUTEN. This is great for the food industry, perfect for industrial machinery that needs a more elastic dough but it is completely wrong for our body who will suffer more to digest and eventually may develop an intolerance.

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Our fondest memories are gathering together around the table with family & friends over delicious and natural food. It’s a big part of our lifestyle and we want to share that sense of happiness with you. 

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