Fusilli Guanciale, Ricotta & Asparagus

Hello Spring!


Chiara Tribulato •

March 21, 2020

Author Notes | 

Spring is synonymous of Asparagus! In Us Headquarter, a 200 years old Sicilian Villa, we have an enchanting garden, where on the roadside Wild Asparagus grow spontaneously. So, every spring we pick them to make "Frittata di Asparagi" or this Delicious Dish (Fusilli Asparagus, Ricotta & Guanciale)!

In our Villa, Asparagus are synonymous of Happiness, because when they are ready Spring is coming! 

Cow Ricotta that we used for this recipe is a special one. It is handmade by a local farmer who still works according to the tradition. Cows eat only wild grass and flowers from the pastures, where they are free to live their quiet life, and this gives to their milk incredibly various tasting notes. 

We  hope one day, you will come to visit our Sicilian Headquarter to pick Wild Asparagus and experience all of that with Us!

Ingredients Notes | 

Let start from Asparagus. We used Wild Asparagus, if you get the chance to go to in the countryside and pick Asparagus, I am going to explain to you the right way to pick them up.

There are two main varieties. The Wild Asparagus, that are very small and thin, and Common the thick one.

Wild Asparagus, are very easy to pick, you can use your hands and you can nap them off at the stem, where they are tender. 

Concerning the Common Asparagus, cut or break the spears from the point closest to their attachment to the fibrous roots. 

Ancient Grains Fusilli are like the handmade ones thanks to the Artisanal process. The Sicilian Ancient Grains are the genetic heritage which belongs to the biodiversity of the Mediterranean area and the result of the selection made by farmers in nine thousand years of history. 


Moreover, these grains present a BEST GLUTEN QUALITY that has a weaker gluten composition than modern wheat. This gluten is less compact and elastic so it can generate an anti aesthetic product but it can be eaten by people with intolerance and it is easy to digest. No more after-meal lethargy, it contains original bran & wheat germ to aid digestion and reduce sugar rush.

Serves: 4

Prep Time: 5 min

Cooking Time: 15 min


1 Pound Artisanal Fusilli

1-2 Scallions (depending on your taste)

3 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 thick Guanciale Slices

350 gr (12 oz) Fresh Cow Ricotta Cheese

350 gr (12 oz) Asparagus


1. Boil water in a large pot. When it is boiling salt water (7 gr per liter) cook for a few minutes Asparagus to get them soft.
2.In a pan, cook extra virgin olive oil and one or two scallions, over medium heat until they become slightly golden. Cut Guanciale in squares and cook with Scallions until slightly Golden.
3. Drain the asparagus with a slotted spoon and put them in the pan (save the Asparagus cooking water because you will cook pasta in it). Let them cook over low heat
4. Now use the Asparagus cooking water and cook Ancient Wheat Pasta until "Al Dente".
5. In the pan you have a Scallion, Guanciale, and Asparagus mixture. Now it's the time to add Ricotta and mix until well combined. If you want it more creamy, just add a few tbs of cooking pasta water.
6. Drain pasta and pour it into the pan, mix well with the condiment. Decore with a tbsp of Ricotta and few Asparagus.

Enjoy in Togetherness!


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