Nutella Stuffed Zeppole | Italian Donuts | Video Recipe

Frittelle, Frìtole, Castagnole, Zeppole are just some of the names used in Italy to describe these delicacies. Doesn't matter what name you use, they're always delicious & easy to make.

Each Italian region has its own name and its own way to fill them. The traditional way suggest to use raisins or walnut. But the most populars are Zeppole filled with custard or Nutella.

Before talking about the ingredients and give you the directions let's see where Zeppole come from.

Frittelle were already popular among the ancient Romans, and probably even before it. Indeed, the ancient Romans called this sweet "frictilia".

Since the early 20th century they are the "stars" of the Frittelle's Sagra (food Italian feast). Sagra is a local festival, often dedicated to some specific local food, and the name of the sagra includes that food. It is a very important social moment for Italians.

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How can I share with you the emotion when mom is calling because it's time to make zeppole together?

How can I share with you the thrill of rolling frittelle into the sugar while grandmother is telling you about her childhood?

Maybe I cannot, but what I can do is sharing with you this recipe allowing you to smell, put your hands in the dough and hit you right in my childhood. So, take 1 hour of your time, invite people you care about to talk about the happiest moments of your childhood. That is how you would spend this time if you will come in Italy.

Nutella Stuffed Zeppole Ingredients:

  • Flour 1 pound | 450 gr

  • Milk 1 glass ( 5 fl oz | 150 ml )

  • Water 1 glass ( 5 fl oz | 150 ml )

  • Baking powder 1 tablespoon | 15g

  • Nutella 3 tablespoons

  • Sugar to roll-in zeppole

  • Vegetable Oil to fry ( Peanuts Oil suggested)

You can watch the video Above to see directions!


  1. Add flour in a bowl. Add gradually milk and water until well combined.

  2. Add baking powder.

  3. Your dough should be sticky and firm. If it's too much dry add more water, if it's too much liquid add flour.

  4. Cover with plastic and let it double in size.

  5. Fry in vegetable oil. When oil is hot (350F | 180C) wet a spoon and drop by spoon. Fry 4 or 5 at time.

  6. Roll into the sugar

  7. Fill with nutella using a pastry bag

  8. Enjoy and share with someone you care about.


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