3 Delicious Ways to use Pistachio Cream

April 21, 2017


Pistachio Cream from Sicily is the best! Why?


Once you try a Sicilian Pistachio Spread, the uniquely rich, nutty and earthy taste will enhance you forever. And if you think that Nutella is heaven, well pistachio cream may be the greatest ephipany of your life.



1. The most simple but the most authentic


Toast bread slices and then spread over a generous amount of Pistachio Cream. Eat while the bread is still warm!



2.  Pistachio Cream Cornetto ( Croissant) 


Among all the iconic Italian specialties, croissant (cornetto in Italian) is one of the most popular treats. In Italy, cornetto and a cappuccino (or espresso, it depends on how much time you get that morning ;) ) is a daily ritual. Cornetto, either vuoto (empty) or filled with jam, custard, chocolate, Nutella or Pistachio Cream, is held, wrapped in a paper napkin in one hand, and enjoyed bite by bite between swallows of cappuccino.
To make it you just need three ingredients:

  1. Cornetto (Croissant)

  2. Pistachio Cream (this is the one we personally selected for you!)  

  3. Chopped Pistachios (here is the RAW one from the Etna Volcano).


Warm Croissant and then cut it in a Half. Spread over a generous amount of Pistachio Cream. Close it and Decore with Chopped Pistachios. 





3.  Vanilla Gelato with Pistachio Cream Topping


A stunning, impressive dessert that also happens to be easy to make. 

In fact you have just to scoop Vanilla Gelato, add the Pistachio Cream (this is the one we personally selected for you!) as topping and decore with chopped Pistachio (here is the RAW one from the Etna Volcano).







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