Organic Unpasteurized RAW LEMON Blossom Honey

Organic RAW LEMON Blossom Honey | Cutrera 8.5 oz

Unpasteurized lemon blossom honey, organic farming in Ionian and Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria.

Crystallized appearance, with very fine-grained crystals; if it is liquid varies from colorless to pale yellow, if crystalline it varies from white to light beige. Normally sweet, delicate and creamy; medium intensity aroma.

Store at 12 °. Perfect for breakfast or snack. Great with cheese.

Organic Unpasteurized RAW LEMON Blossom Honey

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    Our fondest memories are gathering together around the table with family and friends over delicious food. It’s a big part of our lifestyle and we want to share that sense of happiness with you. Bringing artisanal fine foods from Sicily direct to you it’s a way to achieve that. 


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