Authentic Italian Pasta Dinner Kit | up to 4 people


Every Dinner KIT is filled with Authentic, Artisanal and Top-quality products made in Italy! Most of our products are used by the most prestigious Italian Restaurants all over the world. The recipes instead, come from our Grandmas and a long Gastronomic tradition.

This box Contains the Main Ingredients to Create the Experience of a Proper Italian Dinner. For Us, the minimum requirements to make a Proper Italian Dinner involve at least an Antipasto, a Pasta Recipe, and a Sweet Treat. This box contains only Authentic and Artisanal Hi-Quality Products Imported from Italy. It does not contain Supermarket-quality mass products or products that sound Italian but that are actually not produced in Italy.

You receive 4 Items:

1. Traditional Sicilian Antipasto | you can choose among olives, sundried tomatoes, pesto, spreads...

2. Organic Pasta made with Sicilian Ancient Grains | Artisanal Pastificio 1.2 pound

3. Traditional Sauce 

4. Bean to Bar Chocolate ( Traditional Modica Chocolate )


You can choose the Antipasto and the Chocolate for your first Kit.


What you receive in each kit:

  • Top-quality Artisanal Ingredients Made in Italy
  • Authentic Sicilian Recipes
  • Each KIT serves up to 4 people!
  • Directions to Master each Recipe are Provided with the Kit

Authentic Italian Pasta Dinner Kit | up to 4 people

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    Our fondest memories are gathering together around the table with family and friends over delicious food. It’s a big part of our lifestyle and we want to share that sense of happiness with you. Bringing artisanal fine foods from Sicily direct to you it’s a way to achieve that. 


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